Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book

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<label>Publisher:</label> <span>Theo hicks; 1st edition</span>
<label>Condition:</label> <span>New</span>
<label>ISBN:</label> <span>978-0997454321</span>
<label>Author:</label> <span> by Joe Fairless, Theo Hicks</span>
<label>Format:</label> <span>Paperback</span>



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10 in stock

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The Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book is the ONLY book that will solve these challenges.It provides a step-by-step system for completing your first apartment syndication deal and building a multi million or multi billion dollar apartment investing empire. You want to buy a housing association, but you have no previous experience in real estate or housing investments, no access to private capital, you can’t find a good deal, no skills to execute a business plan, or a combination of these four?

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