Group Leadership Skills: Interpersonal Process in Group Counseling and Therapy Second Edition

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Publisher: SAGE Publications, Inc
Condition: New
ISBN: 978-1506349305
Author: by John W. Creswell , Cheryl N. Poth
Format: Paperback


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10 in stock

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Group Leadership Skills provide a roadmap and useful toolkit for users to effectively lead groups of all kinds. Authors Mei-whei Chen and Christopher Rybak draw on their extensive education and clinical experience to provide readers with the many skills, techniques, insights, and case studies that show how to unlock the heart of group therapy.
interpersonal process. This text will cover the use of advanced skills and intervention techniques to initiate groups, conduct the first session, facilitate the beginning and end of each session, address tensions and conflicts, and facilitate member turnover. We cover the process from start to finish. The second edition expands your group leadership skills to teach you how to lead mandated, semi-structured, grassroots unstructured, and advanced-level here-and-now-focused groups. Use psychodrama techniques to heal unresolved grief and loss, including 

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