Deep Learning with Python, Second Edition 2nd Edition

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<label>Publisher:</label> <span>manning; 2nd edition</span>
<label>Condition:</label> <span>New</span>
<label>ISBN:</label> <span>9781617294433</span>
<label>Author:</label> <span> by Zaretta L. Hammond</span>
<label>Format:</label> <span>Paperback</span>



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99 in stock

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Profound Learning with Python presents the field of profound learning utilizing the Python dialect and the effective Keras library. Composed by Keras maker and Google AI analyst François Chollet, this book builds your understanding through instinctive clarifications and commonsense illustrations. You’ll investigate challenging concepts and hone with applications in computer vision, natural-language handling, and generative models. By the time you wrap up, you’ll have the information and hands-on aptitudes to apply profound learning in your possess projects.

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