Security Analysis: Sixth Edition, Foreword by Warren Buffett Security Analysis 6th Edition

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Publisher: Mcgraw hill; 6th edition
Condition: New
ISBN: 978-0071592536
Author: by Benjamin Graham, David Dodd, Warren Buffett
Format: Hardcover


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10 in stock

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Security Analysis, one of the most important financial books ever written, was first published in 1934. It has given generations of investors access to the time-tested value investing concept and methods of Benjamin Graham and David L. Dodd, selling more than one million copies across five editions. The ideas of Benjamin Graham, known as “the father of value investing,” have survived the test of time across a wide range of market conditions, nations, and asset classes. They are just as important now as they were when they were originally published nearly 75 years ago.Based on the original 1940 edition, this updated sixth edition has 200 extra pages of commentary from some of the top Wall Street money managers of the present day. These value investing experts explain the rationale behind the concepts and methods.

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