Policy & Politics in Nursing and Health Care 8th Edition

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Publisher      saunders
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ISBN:            978-0275972240
Author:         Elizabeth Lynne Mason, Diana J.; Perez, Adrianna; McLemore, Monica R.;
Format:        Paperback
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47 in stock

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In today’s evolving health care climate, learn how to shape policy and establish yourself as a leader. Policy & Politics in Nursing and Health Care, 8th Edition, is the top text on nursing action and activism with examination of contemporary healthcare concerns and first-person perspectives. A wider range of policies and political themes are covered by about 150 professional authors, offering a more comprehensive background than any other policy textbook on the market. This updated 8th edition aids in your global grasp of nurse activism and leadership, as well as the intricate business and financial concerns that underpin many decisions made in the healthcare industry.

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