Philosophies and Theories for Advanced Nursing Practice 4th Edition

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<label>Publisher:</label> <span>Cengage Learning</span>
<label>Condition:</label> <span>New</span>
<label>ISBN:</label> <span>978-1284228823</span>
<label>Author:</label> <span> by Janie B. Butts</span>
<label>Format:</label> <span>Paperback</span>



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9 in stock

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Philosophies and Theories for Advanced Nursing Practice, Fourth Edition lays the groundwork for nurses to develop their own nursing philosophies by providing a solid foundation of nursing models and interdisciplinary theories. This work is useful for students who require an introduction to philosophy since it explains how theory is produced. It is also appropriate for learners and nurses who want to examine and apply theory to advanced practice. The work contains middle range practice theory, as well as interdisciplinary and nursing theories, and is known as a thorough guidebook for graduate nursing students and advanced practice nurses. Students can discover a lot of knowledge for graduate projects, and APRNs will find research valuable for patient care. The Fourth Edition includes the following new features: A new chapter on public health has been added.

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