Nursing Informatics and the Foundation of Knowledge 5th Edition

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Jones & Bartlett Learning
by Dee McGonigle


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93 in stock

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Nursing Informatics and the Foundation of Knowledge, Fifth Edition teaches nursing students the core concepts of knowledge management, as well as a foundational foundation to provide them with an understanding of technical tools and applications that require a certain level of proficiency. work. A practical guide to understanding the use of modern technology, this text teaches students how to acquire, process and disseminate knowledge. Based on the Foundation of Knowledge model, the authors consistently use this framework as an organizational structure for teaching and learning nursing informatics. The fifth edition provides the tools and knowledge caregivers need to succeed in the information age. Each chapter has been carefully updated to reflect the latest advances in technology, healthcare, and reimbursement. The authors also highlight the timely and impactful contributions of informatics to improving quality, interprofessional collaboration, and responding to the pandemic. Finally, a thought-provoking chapter connects all the pieces of computer science and encourages students to consider the future impact of technology on the patient care experience by examining care bots, cyborgs, and artificial intelligence.

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